To Believe or Not to Believe
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To Believe or Not to Believe

I remember a few years back when my oldest son who is now almost 16 asked my husband and I if we were Santa.  After nearly choking on my coffee I asked him a question, "Why do you think that?"  His reply, "It just makes sense.  So Santa's not real, huh?" And just like that, the game was up.  Or was it?  It was the day I had feared because, in my mind, he would "hate" me for lying to him all those years. 

But I took a moment to ruminate on his words so, Santa's not real.  And I thought, hey wait a minute, that's just not an awesome way to leave things at all.  So I said, "Well, Jacob, that's not entirely true."  Was I getting ready to wrap things up in another nice little white lie in order to preserve the tiniest bit of his childhood?  No.  Because I had it all figured out, and I think that was actually the first time I realized the truth myself.  Santa is real but he's so much more than a man in a red suit with a Tardis-like (bigger on the inside) bag of goodies.  Santa is a symbol for something much bigger, something that lives inside of each of us, or at least did at some point. 

Santa is the spirit of lovingkindness personified.  The season of Christmas is all about giving and spreading cheer.  So, yeah, Santa is real.  By personifying this form of love, we infuse the season with a sense of inherent magic that speaks to the child in all of us calling us out of our, oftentimes, clouded adult lives and into the essence of our soul - lovingkindness, our divine signature.  That's why we love to watch our kids on Christmas as they live the magic - our souls are remembering what we are so apt to forget during the off season.

But here's the thing - the THING - magic is all around us and in us through every season, not just Christmas.  So I guess the real question is not is Santa real.  To believe or not to believe - that is the real question.  And I'm here to tell you I believe. And I will continue the same familiar traditions of Santa Claus with my youngest son, and revel in his awe.  Do you?

Remember that lovingkindness is not attached to any particular season.  Find ways to celebrate "Christmas" everyday. 
I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Light and love to all of you during this special time.