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Animal Spirit Guide - The Peacock


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Animal Spirit Guide - The Peacock

I think we have a lot to learn from the animal kingdom.  We all have animal spirit guides who seek to provide us with protection, guidance and healing.  Throughout the years many cultures have relied on these guides for their spiritual powers.  Also known as totem animals or power animals, our animal spirit guides are ready to communicate with us.
I recently bought a deck of oracle cards designed to help me communicate with my animal spirit guides and relay the messages that are given to me. 
Today’s card was the peacock.
“Let yourself stand out and be noticed.” 
This message was very relevant for me.  Just yesterday I rewrote an article for another writer.  The article wasn’t flowing and I was asked (by my husband who was the subject of the article) to add some flair.  I was more than happy to do this.  In fact, I was thrilled.  Words are my passion and lately I just haven’t been feeling all that writerly. 
After spending a couple of hours reworking the article I had what I felt like was a much better version.  I hesitate to say that because I don’t want to be boastful.  But yesterday was the first day, in a very long line of days, that I felt like I was doing something worthwhile.  I felt good.  I felt at home in myself. 
So when I picked today’s card it made me think of how I tend to downplay my talents and even hide behind self-deprecating words.  We all do this.  And why?  Why is it that hiding behind walls is sometimes easier than putting yourself out there.  The answer is really quite simple.  Ego.  We are driven by our ego to seek approval from others.  So out of fear we lurk in the background certain that someone else is better than us.  Why take the chance if we will surely fail? 
Sadly, we are missing the point.  Each of us is special.  Each of us is worthy.  But our world makes it so easy to compare ourselves to others. And yeah, maybe there are others who can do what you do.  But no other person can be who you are doing what you do, because you are the only one who has had your exact experiences.  So we all have something beautiful and unique to bring to the table. 
Today make yourself known.  Make yourself stand out.  Sing.  Dance.  Be silly.  But be you and share the marvel that you are with everyone around you.  Let them know who you really are.  Strut your stuff.  Sure you might scare some people off, who aren’t ready for your light.  But those who are ready will join you in shining and you can bet that light will illuminate the world.
Namaste beautiful friends,