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Life happens. Nothing we do can change that. There is no app that will add a filter to our life or allow us to Photoshop out the difficult parts. No pause button to allow for “rest” room breaks. No matter what we do life still happens. Whether we choose to act, or react life still happens.
Although we have no control over certain pieces of our life, we always have control over our peace in life. When something happens that we didn’t expect, something that throws us for a loop and makes us stressed, we still have a choice. We can choose to react to that thing or to act in a way that brings us peace despite that thing. It is, after all, just a thing and there will certainly be more things to come.
Choosing peace over falling to pieces is much easier said than done. I know. All too often I’ve been left scraping bits of what’s left of my peace off the tires of the car I used to drive myself crazy! The good thing about the road to crazy is that there are exits all over the place.
We are all in this crazy maze together. And I really do believe that if each of us makes the effort to choose peace in all situations then we can create a domino effect of good stuff.
I think one of my favorite artists, Passenger, says it best in his song:
If we all light up, we can scare away the dark.
Shine on beautiful friends!